Our Beers


Ruidoso Blonde: This balanced beer for the masses is brewed with Pilsen malt and mildly hopped to give it an easy drinking characteristic.  Great for a warm summer day or relaxing after a day on the slopes. Pairs well with green chili cheeseburgers, spicy hot wings, as well as any other pub grub.

Connectivity IPA:  Connectivity: The state or extent of being connected or interconnected.  This modestly hopped India Pale Ale is designed to bring together lovers of all beer styles.  Great for jam sessions and winding down after a day on the trails.  Pairs well with pizza and fish caught in your local streams.

Midnight Squirrel Oatmeal StoutMalty and roasty, this sessionable stout is dark and tasty.  Brewed with Marris Otter malt as the base with rolled oats added after one of these your inner squirrel will be out at midnight teasing all the neighborhood dogs.  Great for campfires and pairs well with smores or a hearty steak dinner. Consider the possibility of a Midnight Squirrel float with your favorite vanilla ice cream.

Rye Knot:(Belgian Rye Pale): Complex from the start.  This beer features a Belgian yeast that produces fruity esters backed by a malty backbone and mild hop finish. This unique brew will satisfy when all other beers have left the palate wanting more.  Great anytime or anywhere.

Das Hefen Hiker:A classic Bavarian style wheat ale. This is a yeast forward beer fermented with classic hefeweizen yeast. During fermentation this particular strain of yeast will produce banana and clove flavors. This beer leans more toward the banana flavor with hints of clove. White wheat malt and flaked wheat make up over half the grain used in this recipe. The hefeweizen yeast is a low flocculant yeast meaning that is stays in suspension in the beer and doesn’t completely fall out. This leaves the beer cloudy which is typical of the style. 11 IBU’s approx. 5.2% abv.

Coyote Call: An American wheat ale. A refreshing wheat beer with much less of the yeast character than the hefeweizen. This is brewed with the exact same grains as the hefeweizen but with different hops and different yeast. A malt forward beer with more body than the blonde but in the same hop range at 18 IBU’s. This is an excellent for a customer who doesn’t like hops but is looking for something with a little more body than the Blonde. A great choice when sitting on a patio on a hot summer day.

Shandy Dan Apricot Man:Full bodied American Wheat style ale flavored with apricots. A delicious choice on a hot summer day.  Pairs well with tacos, green chili burgers, stand up paddle boards, and a day on the trail: