Our Story

26394 E. Highway 70 Ruidoso Downs, NM 88346


Breweries start up for countless reasons, and grow in a myriad of ways.  Ours sprung with a dream, our parallel love for beer and the cool air of the mountains of southern New Mexico as well as the notion that the fear of regret is greater than the fear of failure.

Lost Hiker Brewing Co. is a family business, built from the ground up over many years of honing the craft of home brewing.  From our humble first brewing setup and our first stout, what started as a hobby evolved into deep knowledge.  Today we channel our spirit of adventure and wonder to craft our own recipes that reflect our dreams.  Most importantly, our heart is in creating an experience, brewing great beer, and sharing with friends.

Early on as a couple and later as a family, we've always been drawn to the mountains.  What we saw as a perfect place to spend our summers is now what we call home. We're delighted to be producing craft beer in the Ruidoso area and help create a culture that will boost the region as a destination, and we're thrilled to do what we love in the place we love.

Our commitment to quality and our loyalty to region drives us to never cut corners.  We use the best ingredients and deliver a superior product for those who enjoy a fresh hand-crafted beer.

Let's all celebrate this journey together.  On the slopes, golf course, on the trail.  Remember: Life is short.  Dream big or go home.